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National Bank of Ukraine Winter 2020

Design and development of the eCommerce platform for the National Bank of Ukraine. The simple and minimalistic interface hides powerful backend: automation of the logistics processes, powerful finance and stock reporting systems for multiple bank departments.

The Problems

No Legal Way to Buy Numismatic Products Online

Before 2020 the only legal way to buy numismatic products was offline. Numizmats from all Ukraine used to use doubtful resources and weren’t protected from fraud and fakes.

Fragmented Processes & Luck of Optimization

The internal and external processes of the NBU were fragmented and worked in a half-automated way. That made the buying process clumsy and time-consuming.

Integration With the Bank Infrastructure

The National Bank of Ukraine had the versatile internal infrastructure and the new website has had to become an inalienable part of the National Bank infrastructure

Protection From Speculators and Resellers

We needed a working mechanism that would protect numismatic products from by out by one person. Depending on the value of the product we had to limit the number of sales to one user.

Home Page & Product Catalog

Our task was to create light and friendly interface with the familiar to users flow and behavior of eCommerce websites with the primary focus on the numismatic products and their specifications

National Bank of Ukraine = The Minimal Studio


Ever since new coin appears on the website, the system automatically generates the new release banner without any human interruption. All magick happens below the hood.

New And Popular

To match the objectives of the three most popular user scenarios, we’ve reduced the number of products on the home page and decided to have only two categories — new and popular coins.

Get Their Ducks In A Row

Information sections about products are structured from most important to least important. It became also easier to reach then thanks to always visible tabs.

National Bank of Ukraine — The Minimal Studio

Simple And Flexible Filters

We’ve defined the most universal and popular filters among the users. Filters are always visible and stay fixed at the top when users scroll down the website.

Since we’ve saved a lot of space, by placing the filters at the top, product images are big and easy to decry in detail.

Nothing Excess

Photo, year of the issue, value, mintage, and price are the most important criteria according to the research. Subtle borders and white background focuses the user’s attention on the most important things.

National Bank of Ukraine — The Minimal Studio

Coin First

Detailed photo image of the product that allows viewing every tiny detail of the product became a bridgehead for the product page design. Our task was to place all important and necessary information while keeping the page simple.

Checkout Process

Making the order process easy and simple was one of our primary tasks.

National Bank of Ukraine — The Minimal Studio

Seamless Involvement

We’re involving users into the checkout process right from the cart page, where they’re able to select a delivery method, while, that basically, starting a purchase process.


The blog is an important feature for keeping communication with the audience. But we go a bit further and made an extended version of the blog posting page.

National Bank of Ukraine — The Minimal Studio

Buy Products From The Blog Page

We’ve created a specialized blog page for the new releases of the products. Besides this page has standard blog functionality, it also allows users to add products to their carts right from this page.

Service Pages

Visual Components

We’ve designed a visual style that references real Ukrainian coins and banknotes that inherits the original identity of the National Bank of Ukraine. Another design decision we’ve made was using the ‘El Messiri’ typeface. The designed visual style has highlighted the specialization of the marketplace.

National Bank of Ukraine Coin Store

Mobile Version

National Bank of Ukraine Coin Store
National Bank of Ukraine Coin Store

Mobile Version The Way It Is Supposed To Be

We designed mobile version from scratch. A bottom bar provides reachable access to a bottom navigation drawer and actions on mobile devices.

Product card has all elements and possibility of quick purchase. All information is visible on the mobile screen.

Sort and filters’ system are also easy to use and keep standart UX patterns either Android or iOS users.

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