National Bank of Ukraine

National Bank of Ukraine

E-commerce platform, for enabling easy and efficient online shopping.

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About the client

The National Bank of Ukraine is the central bank of Ukraine, responsible for issuing currency and regulating the country's monetary policy. The bank's primary objective is to maintain price stability in the country and support economic growth.

Problems or challenges

The National Bank of Ukraine faced the challenge of not having a legal way to sell numismatic products online. The bank needed a solution that would enable it to legally sell these products online, which would not only help them reach a wider audience but also increase revenue.

The internal and external processes of the National Bank of Ukraine were fragmented, and the buying process was half-automated, which made it cumbersome and time-consuming for customers. The bank needed a solution that would optimize the buying process, reduce manual intervention, and make it easier for customers to complete their transactions quickly and efficiently. The National Bank of Ukraine had a versatile internal infrastructure, and the new eCommerce platform had to become an integral part of it. The bank needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure and streamline internal processes, enabling the bank to manage its numismatic products efficiently.

Development process

Development process

Solution statement

We design and develop a user-friendly eCommerce platform for the National Bank of Ukraine, enabling easy online purchase of numismatic products. The platform includes features like a simple interface, multiple payment options, real-time inventory tracking, and a secure checkout process. For the product page design, we focused on a detailed photo image to showcase every product detail. Our goal was to present all essential information while keeping the page simple and intuitive.

Part of Information Architecture

The results statements

We design a user-friendly interface to enable easy online purchase of numismatic products. We also developed a robust back-end system for the National Bank of Ukraine website, integrating a scalable database architecture and RESTful API for seamless communication between the front-end and back-end.

Success metrics

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