How we built the SaaS platform to understand consumer behavior through multiple lenses.

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About the client

Sense360 by Medallia is a first-of-its-kind, self-service insights platform for retail and restaurant brands. Access simple dashboards for a one-click analysis of massive independent datasets (transaction, foot traffic, and survey panels) to see where, how, and why consumers spend their time and money - with your business and with your competitors.

Problems or challenges

The restaurant and retail industry faces a myriad of obstacles, particularly in understanding and responding to rapidly changing customer preferences and behaviors. Traditional customer feedback collection methods, such as comment cards or online surveys, often lead to delayed and fragmented insights. This results in slow adaptation to customer needs, potential loss of revenue, and inability to capture real-time feedback for immediate service recovery. Additionally, the challenge of consolidating feedback from various sources leads to an incomplete picture of customer satisfaction.

Development process

Solution statement

Our innovative solution was to create a dynamic customer feedback platform integrated with advanced data analytics tools. This platform provides an immediate, holistic view of customer experiences across multiple touchpoints. The solution incorporates AI-driven sentiment analysis, enabling restaurants to decipher complex customer feedback swiftly. It also features a responsive dashboard for real-time analytics, allowing for quick decision-making and immediate service adjustments. Designed with user experience as a priority, the platform is intuitive, engaging, and visually appealing, ensuring ease of use for both staff and management.

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Jeremy Shapero
Jeremy ShaperoProduct at Medallia
The Minimal team was fantastic. They were very flexible and receptive to structuring things in the way that is most effective for your project and teams. The Minimal team has consistently delivered high quality ui/ux and frontend dev work at an impressive pace.

The results statements

The implementation of our tailored solution for Sense360 revolutionized customer experience management in the restaurant and retail industries. The platform enabled restaurants and retail to gain immediate insights into customer preferences, leading to quicker and more effective service modifications. This resulted in heightened customer satisfaction, increased loyalty, and enhanced revenue growth.

The AI-driven analytics also provided a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior patterns, facilitating more targeted marketing strategies. The platform's ease of use and engaging interface ensured widespread adoption and consistent use, further cementing its effectiveness in transforming how restaurants and retail respond to customer needs.

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