The Minimal Studio

Multidisciplinary studio

We craft simple yet powerful solutions

  • 60+ projects
  • 5+ years
  • endless possibilities

We are Minimal

Working since `17


We focus on the following aspects

  • Aesthetics

    We use seamless graphics and breathtaking visuals to evoke a satisfying emotional user response setting the right tone for your ideas and taking your project to the next level

  • Technologies

    Our development team exclusively works with the latest technologies and never uses any outdated garbage. Using React framed with Gatsby.js and featuring GraphQL, we create tastefully stylized interfaces

  • Story

    By using project-specific designs and engineering solutions, we are working with you to craft a brand that is both unforgettable and completely unique. Our team, in collaboration with you, will bring your ideas to life

  • Experience

    Our team specializes in combining sleek aesthetics with modern technologies all while creating a unique brand story for our clients. We concentrate on creating breathtaking, unforgettable products

Our expertises

  1. Web & mobile design
  2. Product design
  3. Product analysis
  4. Front-end
  5. Web3
  6. QA testing
  7. Analytics
  8. Consulting

We are proud to work with

  • National Bank of Ukraine
  • Sense 360
  • Blockasset
  • Future Kid
  • Alpha Catering Equipment
  • Opulous
  • Lenovo

Featured cases